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Baby Carhartts

If someone were to ask me: what is the best all-around piece of outdoor clothing for your kid? Simple answer- baby carhartts.

Carhartt is best known for their exceptionally durable workwear clothing. My husband, James, has been a woodworker for years and years. In fact, he was working in construction when he was just 13 years old! We now own and operate a custom furniture and fabrication business in Denver- Black Hound Design Company. He, and nearly all the Black Hound boys, wear some form of Carhartts nearly every day. From pants, to jackets...hats to shirts, Carhartt is the unofficial uniform of our company.

The Black Hound Design Company team sporting Carhartt

This summer, as Lila is now at the age where we're comfortable taking her into the Great Outdoors, we knew that we needed clothing for her that would protect her delicate skin and would stand up to the elements (...and dirt. Lots and lots of dirt!).

We were so excited to discover that our go-to brand also makes an entire line for Kids'! Scouring Amazon, I found this little pair of overalls and just knew they'd be perfect for Lila.

Now here's the thing: the "girls'" pair is pink. Ugghh. Really? A wee bit stereotypical, dontchathink? Instead, I bought her the "boys'" pair, which is the classic Carhartt brown.

Either way, they are great. It's advertised as "Classic bibs for active babies," which is the perfect description. They are made with 100% cotton canvas, which is durable, dirt-resistant and comfortable. I especially like how they included leg snaps, so that I can easily access and change her diaper.

Lila just started taking her very first steps, but she relies heavily on crawling still. I'm delighted to watch her crawl around in the dirt while camping, knowing that she's comfortable in these rugged bib overalls.

I also saw that Carhartt makes a flannel-lined pair, which I'll be sure to scoop up in the Fall as the weather turns cooler.

And now, Lila can be just like her Daddy, rocking the Carhartts! Oh be still, my heart.

What's your favorite piece of outdoor clothing for kids? Please share!

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