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Nap time while adventuring

Next to food and snacks, naps are probably the most vital part of a child's day. Without a good nap, kids can be cranky, feisty and downright little monsters, amiright?

But, serving up a good nap is soooo hard when you're on the go. Whether you're camping, hiking, playing at the park or hanging out at a brewery, it's extremely challenging to accommodate nap time. We don't want to live our life according to nap time, but we also need to take it seriously.

We solved this dilemma by creating a mobile nap station. Now, of course, since we have the Jamper- our travel trailer for families- we have this on lock down. We added a baby gate around our daughter's bed. She's only one year old, so she'd easily wiggle out if rails weren't present. Plus, as one of our friends said: it's a mobile jail to keep your kids contained!

Our toddler romping around in our "mobile nap station." She was supposed to be sleeping! :D

The other day we took our little family down around Deckers, Colorado, to play all day along the South Platte River. We didn't camp overnight- instead, we "day camped." We grilled up an awesome little lunch, explored nature, let our dog swim and just had a ball. After a few hours, though, Lila was WIPED OUT. Instead of having to rush home to get her into her crib, we just put her down in her make-shift crib in our camper. After about 20 minutes of grumbling, she took a lovely hour-long nap. She woke up refreshed and happy. Mommy and Daddy were able to chill and catch our breath for a moment. It was perfect.

Now, what if you don't have a travel trailer? No sweat. Do you have a pack-n-play? Do you have a play yard? Set it up in your tent. But unzip the sides so that there's good ventilation. Or better yet- get a little battery-powered portable fan for inside. Bonus- this is also white noise! We love this one.

We have a graco portable pack-n-play that works wonders for our life on the go. We keep it at our workshop in Denver, so that Lila can take naps when she's there with us. It's fairly light weight and easy to pack down, so we can take it when we're traveling, headed to an AirBnB, or hanging at a friend's house past her bed time. It also has a changing table, which is perfect for dealing with messy situations.

So what's your strategy for nap times? Have any tips or tools for accommodating this important part of your child's day?

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