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The best doughnuts in colorado

Sweet Coloradough has gotta be the best doughnuts in the state. I mean, I'm no doughnut expert- but these babies are outrageous.

James and I were on a mission a year or two ago to deliver a few pieces of our custom furniture (from our business- Black Hound Design Company) to an office in Aspen, Colorado. We stayed at a small hotel in Glenwood Springs (because Aspen is daaaamn expensive), with plans on making the delivery the next day. I was ravished when we awoke the next morning, but we were too short on time to stop somewhere for a "formal" breakfast. We got on the road and headed south to Aspen. About 7 minutes out of Glenwood Springs, we saw a sign for "Sweet Coloradough: Exquisite Eatery and Drinkery."

We stopped in, and ohhh man- were we glad we did!

Their menu isn't limited to doughnuts. With sandwiches like the Phat Pig (one slice bacon cheddar bread, one slice sausage bread with egg, honey ham, sugar cured bacon, cheddar and cream cheese!) or bagels and salads, they have a nice variety of options to meet any hunger-level or diet.

But their doughnuts! Oh those doughnuts! They are made fresh each morning, and the quality and care that goes into making them shows with each bite.

The inside is super cozy and filled with all sorts of locally-made Colorado hats, tees and art. It's a charming place to grab (an excellent!) cup of coffee and fuel up before an adventure.

So, fast forward to last week, and one of our talented craftsmen at Black Hound Design Company, Andrew Lavey, needed to make a trip to Aspen to get site measurements of a house that we're decking out with our custom furniture. I, of course, sent him on a side mission to grab some tasty doughnuts, and get a nice little sugar high before his work.

Lavey's report is as follows:

It was an unsuspecting morning, hang gliders moseying about their merry day, trucks hauling like its their job, and donuts, sweet sweet donuts sitting in a counter window just awaiting their final picking. Think Toy Story's, "The Claw!"

I arrived at Sweet Coloradough around 10am. They were busy, real busy. Seemed like a locals spot as many folks behind the counter knew the giddy patrons in line.

I asked them a few questions.

Favorite Doughnut?

I asked the kind young gal behind the counter when it was my turn. Without hesitation, "The blueberry almond bear claw or the 11 layers Croughnut."

"Yes please," I said, "Plus 4 more dealers choice to make a round 6." They promptly boxed up and on to the cashier. 

Half dozen donuts came out to something like $18, totally worth it.

What makes Coloradough a must stop spot? "We are so conveniently located. Equal distance between Aspen and Vail, perfect stop for ski traffic. People commute along Glen Ave to and from Aspen and surrounding areas as well. We are in a great location."

What maker this place so special? "We make amazing Donuts! And today we have free Whiskey and Tequila, every Friday and Saturday!"

Nice guy, busy place, awesome donuts.

Lavey's favorite: Blueberry Almond Bear Claw. So good! Flaky, light relatively, good blueberry flavor, almond crunch, hefty portion. 

So there you have it, folks. If you ever find yourself out around Glenwood Springs, be sure to stop into Sweet Coloradough and grab some amazing treats.

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