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What to do with poo?

Our least favorite topic. Poo. Dirty diapers. Blow outs. Yuuuuuck.

Those of us with kids know: poo stinks. Going anywhere with babies is hard. Inevitably, they poop. At home, we have our systems and tools. Changing tables. Diaper genies. Whatever. We make it work.

But on the go, we only have our diaper bags. Now if you're like me- yours is obsessively stocked with everything and anything you could possibly need. And then some.

So when your kids poo, ideally, it's contained in their diaper and thus- somewhat manageable to change/clean/deal with. But sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's AWFUL. I'm talking the dreaded blow out. How do you handle this god awfulness on the go? While camping? At the park? At a restaurant?

I've found the perfect solution. It's so simple it's laughable. Ladies and gentlemen. Moms and Dads. I present to you... The Blow Out Barricade.

Simply: a thing of Dawn soap, and a tupperware of some sort. That's it. Easy peezy.

I ever so carefully remove the soiled clothes, put them in the tupperware, douse with a hefty dose of Dawn (rub into the stain if particularly bad) and soak in water. Close the lid. Put in on the floor of the car- or at the bottom of my diaper bag- wherever - until I can put it in the washing machine later.

Lila made a horrific mess (and I mean HORRIFIC!) out of her cutest little onesies last weekend while camping. Obv, laundry was not possible. Luckily, I had my Blow Out Barricade handy, and was able to soak the clothes until Sunday night back at home. Stain free, and ready for the next big adventure.

There you have it, folks. How do you handle messes on the go? Would love any tips!

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